Lets (Google) Hangout and watch TV together!

How cool is this – a TV station uses Google Hangout to live chat with viewers during a newscast (only on PBS folks)!

Now I would like to take it a step further. Given that so much of video viewing happens online, not to mention TV and moviesGoogle Hangouts is the perfect way to “get together” with your friends and watch stuff “together”! One of the connected video streams just needs to be for content! Lord of the Rings movie marathon, anyone? Or the Super Bowl!

And if this was integrated with your TV….you could have a TV remote control with buttons like LOL, ROTFL, WTF, Like, Dislike, High 5, SCORE, emoticons, etc!  So if you pressed a button, a thought bubble would show up on your head in the video chat 😀

Much coolness!

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