Dear Amazon, please help me declutter!

Some rapid-fire idea storming before I head out to Berkeley for the evening Entrepreneurship class (that I am still wait listed for!) As my Saturday morning Entrepreneurship professor said in class – hey, if you can take my ideas and out-execute me, just go for it!

  1. Sell used ebooks (auction style) – So what happens to all those ebooks that you finish reading (or start and know you will never finish)? For paper-and-ink books, you can donate them to a public library, take them to a used bookstore or even have a garage sale. Why can’t we sell ebooks after we are done reading them and simply don’t want them cluttering up our Kindles? And make them auctionable!
  2. Perhaps we also need the same for selling “used” digital music. Basically, need to figure out a way to make sure absolutely that the digital copy owned by the seller evaporate into thin air as it were (like how you would lose possession after selling a physical book or CD).
  3. iTunes for archived magazine or other paid content (99c only) – You know how you search for something and a particularly relevant article from Time magazine pops up so you click on the link? Which gives you a brief, tantalizing preview and then asks you to cough up $4.99 for the archived article? Well, what if someone took over all the archiving efforts for these mainstream media publications? And offered every single article for a flat (and low) fee just like iTunes does?
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