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Lets (Google) Hangout and watch TV together!

How cool is this – a TV station uses Google Hangout to live chat with viewers during a newscast (only on PBS folks)! Now I would like to take it a step further. Given that so much of video viewing … Continue reading

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Hello and thanks for all the fish!

There is a particular variety of fish – White Pomfret – that fish-eating Maharashtrians (like me) consider a delicacy. So I was delighted when a friend told me that fresh (yes, fresh! not frozen!) Indian Pomfret was available at a … Continue reading

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Hey Harry, meet Sally!

What is a common social interaction that Facebook simply does not provide right now? Its the simple act of introducing two people you know to each other. Sure, FB lets you suggest friends for your friends. But its (kind of) … Continue reading

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